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Go to copypasta r/copypasta. r/copypasta. Go to Lemmy Members Online • Fuzzy-Supermarket101. ADMIN MOD Saul Goodman . Hi, I’m Saul Goodman. Did you know that you have rights? The Constitution says you do. And so do I. I believe that until proven guilty, every man, woman, and child in this country is innocent. And that’s why I ...

After many years, I've just now realized that I've been misinterpreting that line. I thought he was saying that you, the viewer, has rights, and so does he, Saul Goodman. What he's actually saying is that the Constitution says you have rights, and Saul Goodman ALSO says that you have rights. Funny." 🤓🤓🤓🤓. true.Parody of the 'TND' copypasta but changed to fit Jewish people. Kill kikes. Behead kikes. Roundhouse kick a kike into the concrete. Slam dunk a kike baby into the trashcan. Blast kikes with Civil War cannons. Crucify filthy Jews. Whip kikes into obedience. Slingshot a kike into orbit. Rocket kikes into the sun. Defecate in a kikes food.I should've stopped him when I had the chance! [to the judges] Chuck McGill : And you, you *have* to stop him! You -. [suddenly freezes as he realizes what he's just done] Jimmy McGill : I'm impressed by how much work went into entrapping me. You went all out. Chuck McGill : [On the witness stand] I didn't entrap you.

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Chicanery copypasta but it's MF DOOM. I did not think it was possible to find such a niche meme that was perfect for me lmao. 617K subscribers in the betterCallSaul community. A subreddit for the Breaking Bad spinoff "better Call Saul" starring Bob Odenkirk.Every Goodman HVAC product is protected by a limited warranty on all functional parts, but the actual warranty varies from product to product. Full warranty details for every Goodm...Despite being a prequel to one of the most well-received television dramas ever, Better Call Saul managed to stand on its own merits, and it all started with the show's very best scene in season 1, episode 9, "Pimento." After Jimmy discovers that his brother and idol, Chuck McGill, has been stabbing him in the back since becoming a lawyer, he confronts Chuck on the matter.

James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill, better known by his business name Saul Goodman, is a fictional character created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould and portrayed by Bob Odenkirk in the television franchise Breaking Bad. He appears as a major character in Breaking Bad (2008–2013) and as the titular protagonist of its spin-off Better Call Saul ...hmmmmsubscribe for 7 years of the constitution#memes"Saul Goodman" ([]( by César da Mata is licensed under Creati...Better Call Saul's Genius First Season Is the Opposite of Breaking Bad A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Jimmy-Chuck Tension on 'Better Call Saul' Saul Goodman's 10 Most Impressive Schemes50+ Cursed, Funny, and Best Copypastas. A copypasta is a chunk of text that has been repeatedly copied and pasted on the web. It's known to be originated on 4chan, an image-based bulletin board. An example of a copypasta is, "Don't care + Didn't ask + Cry about it + Stay mad + Get real + L". Copypastas are mainly used on Twitch and ...6. twitchquotes: A long long time ago, when Kripp was noLife, he stumbled across an old woman in an alleyway after buying some lentil soup. She told Kripp to give him the soup and in return he would find a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, Kripp didnt realize the old woman was the succubus Raina, who would eventually make him a simple casualarrians.

A user posted a copypasta of Saul Goodman's introduction speech from Better Call Saul, a TV show about a lawyer. Other users commented with variations of the speech or …Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds, this means they're large enough to be able handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there's no ...Details. File Size: 12212KB. Duration: 6.900 sec. Dimensions: 498x373. Created: 5/10/2022, 1:58:47 PM. The perfect Saul Rant Jimmy Mcgill Saul Goodman Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. ….

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Witness the rise and fall of the most notorious lawyer in Breaking Bad universe. Better Call Saul season 6 finale, only on YouTube.Livvy Dunne, with her Rizzing up baby prowess, and Gronk, the sussy impostor, roamed the land, plagued by the Pibby glitch in real life. Sigma Alpha Omega male grindset Andrew Tate watched from his Goon Cave as Freddy Fazbear and Colleen Ballinger battled a smurf cat versus a strawberry elephant. But lo and behold, amidst the chaos, there arose ...Original Saul Goodman copypasta. Hi I'm Saul Badman. Did you know that you didn't have rights? The Constitution says you don't. And so do I. I believe that until proven innocent, every man, woman, and child in this country is guilty. And that's why I don't fight for you, Albuquerque! Better not call Saul.

Los Pollos Hermanos (Spanish pronunciation: [los ˈpo.ʝos eɾ.ˈma.nos]; or Spanish pronunciation: [los ˈpo.ʎos eɾ.ˈma.nos] (non-yeísta), English: The Chicken Brothers) is a fictional fast food restaurant chain specializing in chicken that was featured in the television series Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul.In the fictional universe of Breaking Bad, Los Pollos Hermanos is ...Reply reply. [deleted] •. My Top 3 Saul Goodman Quotes: "Clearly his taste in women is just like his taste in lawyers; only the very best, with just the right amount of dirty". "Believe me, there's no honour among thieves… except us of course". "Don't drink and drive, but if you do; call me". Reply reply.The number listed in the Yellow Pages ad seen in the teaser, (505) 503-4455, will connect you to "the offices of Saul Goodman and Associates, your one-stop shop for all things law." You'll get a ...

rise dispensary in warwick The former deserves life in prison. The latter needs therapy. But given the way that this show's sequel hems in so much of the plot, the chief matter of suspense is what becomes of Gene Takavic ... delta a330 200 seat mapallscriptsextendedcare Jordan never did that move. share. 4,135 views • 3 upvotes • Made by Heisenbruh 2 years ago in fun. gifs better call saul saul goodman breaking bad funny. Created from video with the Imgflip Animated GIF Maker. IMAGE DESCRIPTION: your honor my client did not know the Jordan's were fake. he never knew that Jordan never did that move. An ... austin rain totals 3D Saul Goodman: Chicanery Copypasta: Kim Wexler's Feet: Your Honor: Jimmy Yelling at Howard: Saul Goodman's Anime Girl Stance: Fact Is Walter White Couldn't Have Done It Without Me: Have Some More Chicken, Have Some More Pie: Chuck McGill Hits His Head: Greatest Legal Mind I Ever Knew: Slippin' Jimmy: My Name Is Gustavo x Cult …Details. File Size: 9443KB. Duration: 4.200 sec. Dimensions: 498x441. Created: 12/29/2021, 6:15:44 PM. The perfect Saul Goodman Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. aso2 lewis structuremsu 247 football recruitingholiday hair johnstown To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Better Call Saul. The tragedy is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of law most of the plot will go over a typical Breaking Bad viewer's head. There's also Jimmy's Saul Goodman persona, which is deftly woven into his characterisation. The fans understand this stuff; they have ... forlorn muskeg map Hi I'm Saul Badman. Did you know that you didn't have rights? The Constitution says you don't. And so do I. I believe that until proven innocent, every man, woman, and child in this country is guilty. And that's why I don't fight for you, Albuquerque! Better don't call Saul. Saul Badman, not an attorney why is my stiiizy blinking white three timeswhy did doc on gunsmoke always rub his facecolorful bird crossword puzzle Better Call Saul's final season concludes the complicated journey and transformation of its compromised hero, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), into criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. From the cartel to the courthouse, from Albuquerque to Omaha, season six tracks Jimmy, Saul and Gene as well as Jimmy's complex relationship with Kim (Rhea Seehorn), who is in the midst of her own existential crisis.